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At Master Painting we take pride in our quality paint products and painting services. We are New Zealand trusted in our field and are able to accommodate any job at any time. Our team of master painters are trained to use top quality paint and equipment for painting to ensure accuracy and proficiency in any task.

Building Painting is at the heart of our trade. We approach every building with utmost respect to ensure complete durability for years to come. Repairing existing interior paint or exterior paint is essential for long term reliability and we offer top quality painting services to give you this peace of mind. We recognise that ultimate presentation is a result of the culmination of small parts, working in harmony. This is achieved through our complete range of painting proficiencies.

House painting, Commercial painting and Industrial painting each require a completely unique approach to achieve the best solution. Our mobile team is available at all times to offer you great service and competitive pricing, for the best result for your specialised needs.

Master Painting provides the complete painting solution for your needs.

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